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Updated: Mar 15, 2021

Hey all,

WAHM would not be WAHM without the help of our mentors and sources! We want to share with you all some of the links that can help you guys kickstart, or even maintain, your AFFORDABLE and SUSTAINABLE healthy lifestyle:

-Cookbook for cooking on a 4 dollars a day budget

-Another great resource for making healthy, delicious meals on a budget

-Government program that provides good information on eating healthy. I recommend reading their guide to shopping!!

-List of free places to eat in San Francisco. NOTE: We are currently starting out in the bay area, but we will expand in the near future!

-Search for a nearby farmers market. Going to a farmers market is definitely one of the best ways to buy healthy and affordable produce!


-This was recommended by one of our users Katesal26! Thanks Kate!

-This website contains plenty of great tips to get you started on your health journey

-My favorite one is the tip on storing food properly

That is all we have so far but we will keep on updating the list as we continue our health journey!

All the best,


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