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What Does Healthy Eating Mean To Me

If someone mentions ‘health’, you’re probably thinking, “Oh boy. Here we go again.” Health to most people is a total pain in the butt, as far as I know. You don’t have to tell me.

Since I’m eight, I’m totally capable of candy and their enticing matters. Sweet, sour, chewy, crunchy, and creamy. If you’re on a diet, you’re probably saying, “Shut up! Don’t you see I’m on a diet!

I bet if I put your favorite candy on a table and tell you that you have to resist and stare at it for an hour, you would practically DIE. I guarantee that you’d just snatch the candy and gobble it up before I can say, “ your kidding me dude.”

Today, right now, I can teach that staying fit and become a health nut, in a simple way that’ll take minutes. I can also tell you the fatal situations that happen when you’re not fit.

First of all, before we get into details, sometimes people need a bit of an idea to really get used to this ‘health’ thing. So I’ll tell you about MY ideas and opinions for health.

What Does Healthy Eating Mean To Me?

Healthy eating means to me because I always know that in the end, it will do the best it can for my health later on. Might as well get over with the disgusting taste than deal with severe pain later on. A leaky gut or diabetes is very common for unhealthy eaters. Look, I’m not trying to scare the freak out of you and tell you that since you ate a chocolate bar you’re gonna die and your life’s over and all the rubbish.

It’s only common when you constantly keep eating sweets and junk. If you eat a chocolate bar one day and a pack of gummies the next, and lollies the next, and caramels the next, and sugar wafers the next and so on, then yes, you might get diabetes once you’re older. Pain and injuries is not worth it, trust me.

What Does A Healthy Lifestyle LookLike?

Sleeping. You’re probably thinking, “Dude, that’s what all parents say.” You also probably think that your parents only say that to nag you so you don’t watch T.V., or playing Fortnite, but,they’re actually doing that so you can grow. ( If you’ve ever read “George’s Marvelous Medicine, don’t listen to that old Grandma. Growing Up is very important. Not DOWN.) If this is nailed down, a lot of other aspects form a healthy body.

A healthy lifestyle also looks like this: You feel happier. Why? Well, once you know that you are healthy, you feel much lighter and happier because you also know that you will live longer since you’re healthy. This might sound crazy, but it’s 100% true!

Anyways, before we move on, I will make a list of foods and liquids that you should eat and why:

Liquid Turmeric- It makes you happier naturally and it prevents cancer

Carrots- Good for your eyesight

Fish- Gives you brains and packed with proteins

Nuts- Filled with proteins and helps you concentrate

Oranges- Lots of vitamin C

Spinach- Lots of iron

All friendly veggies- You know why!!

I could probably list a lot more, but those are the main foods you should eat. (Don’t listen to Grandma again. Eating centipedes, fat and juicy earwigs, and all those other disgusting beasts is NOT healthy!)

Two Healthy Habits that I Have

I have a couple of healthy habits (If you can believe that since I’m eight!) that I would like to tell you about and why it still benefits me to this day.

Healthy Habit One:

I always eat my veggies. Broccoli, Kale, Spinach, Brussels Sprouts, and Cabbage. I, surprisingly, love all the veggies that I listed. I bet if you looked at the list that I

just typed, you’d be horrified. Kale, spinach, cabbage, and Brussels sprouts are probably the worst veggies that ever made it to the planet, to some people. But in real life, to the human body, it is like strawberries and cream. That’s basically the same reason as the one I used before. It does the best for you. Now let’s move onto the next healthy habit!

Healthy Habit Two

I drink a heck of a lot of water. Keeping hydrated is very, very, very important. When I was a baby, I always asked my mom, “Momma, can I have wata?” And, now, I am healthy, fit, and my skin is healthy as well. If you drink water, the benefits are totally worth it. Number one: Your skin will be smooth and stuff. Number two: You won’t be dehydrated. Number Three: Makes all the cells work properly.

Here’s a data table of how much water is in an infant, to an adult.

Infant Children

75% 65%


woman man

55% 60%

Anyways, as you can see, we are made out of water, basically. I mean, if you’re 65% water, we’re basically made out of water, right? So, remember to drink your water, kids! (And grown ups, if you wanna be young again!)

PS. I’m am not talking about sugar water, soda water, or high sugar content juice water. I’m talking about water. Sorry, but you’re not getting away this time! Also, coconut water is healthy too, since it has electrolytes.


(Alas,it’s the end! Hip, hip, hooray!)

Health can be a pain in the butt, but sometimes, it can feel good, at least in some ways. Health is not all about diets, and saying no to candy. It’s about benefiting your next generation. And what I’m saying is this: When you have children, you want to show them that if you’re healthy, they can be healthy as well, if they follow the simple steps that are listed in this article. Then your children can spread it to their children, and then to their children and yada yada. This small thing can be passed down to one another, and bring good results for an upcoming future, that might come in handy for some future stuff. If you are reading this, I’ll just tell you this last thing and you can stop reading. And here it is: Health will bring good fortune to the next life, even is they seem unimportant, just keep them safe in the corner of your heart.

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