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After performing its duties for the early part of the boot process, the init process continues running in the background to perform several other duties:

restarting Escorts in Delhi if it dies

reaping orphaned child processes

waiting for a signal to reboot or shutdown the system

The rc mechanism is a set of shell scripts that determine what services to start, and in what order. Once everything has been started, the rc process terminates.

Problems with the current process

While the Escorts in Connaught Place mechanism are classic parts of the Unix design, there are several reasons why people are interested in replacing them:

reliability - if a service dies, the rc mechanism will not automatically restart it;

performance - services are started in a serial fashion, which is slow and does not take advantage of the parallelism of today's multi-core hardware;

security - the shell scripts that rc uses do not allow for the enhanced security features that are possible in other systems.

complexity - shell scripts are programs, which makes them more difficult to manage than simple configuration files used by most modern alternatives.

dependency management - the rc system requires service dependencies to be explicitly defined in each rc script. In many alternative systems, dependencies are automatically handled through mechanisms like socket activation.

features - the rc system has a stable interface which limits the ability to extend it with new features. It is only able to handle basic functions like starting, stopping, and checking if

To achieve this feat, the Escorts in Aerocity developers wrote a Mach compatibility layer that allows launchd to use Mach IPC and (possibly) other features of Mach.

project has started from scratch and built a workalike to launchd without using any of the original code. It is not yet feature-complete, but a lot of progress has been made. It works under FreeBSD and Linux, and uses LibUCL to parse its configuration files.

Unlike the two other projects in this article, Escorts in Noida is explicitly designed not to replace init(8) and rc(8). Instead, it is intended to provide additional features and benefits to users programs that want them, and to not disrupt the existing initialization and boot system. The idea is that programs will gradually see the benefits of switching to relaunchd management, and the number of things being managed under the traditional rc mechanism will gradually shrink to .

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