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About WAHM!

The mission of our organization is to improve the quality of nutrition education for children, as well as to provide resources for improving access to nutrition for low-income families. Our organization has addressed this throughout the past year by thoroughly researching and trying to understand nutrition, and what it means for children in America. We have found that the way “health” is traditionally framed creates negative emotions around certain foods and can sometimes promote disordered eating from a young age. We took this into consideration in the lesson plans we've created, which has the main purpose of teaching children that food is simply just fuel, there is no solely “healthy” or “unhealthy” food. After framing this perspective and redefining the word “healthy,” we talked about how different foods affect the body and how this information can be used to help improve one’s energy levels so that they can feel their best. During our lectures, we are able to see how our lesson plan shifted the students’ perspective on nutrition from being very black and white, with some foods being strictly “unhealthy” and others being considered very “healthy,” to a spectrum, where some foods just felt better in the body and helped create more usable energy.

Our main accomplishments this year were raising money and donating it to local low-income families as well as creating a lesson plan and teaching it to a local church youth group. Our biggest activity from this year was raising around $1000 dollars and donating it to low-income families in the San Ramon area in the form of Safeway gift cards for the holidays. We were in contact with a local church, which identified 40 local families who were struggling to afford food for Christmas. We then used the money we raised to give each family a $25 Safeway gift card to help support them during such a special time. We attached a handwritten note, as well as a pamphlet we made with a quick nutrition guide to take with them while shopping for groceries. 

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