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Eating Healthy at School

Although it may seem like school lunches are the furthest thing from healthy, it is possible to eat a healthy meal at school.

The most obvious path to leading a healthy life as a student would be to pack your own nutritious lunches. There are so many options and recipes for quick, easy, and healthy homemade school lunch ideas that will satisfy any student throughout the day.

Making lunch at home, however, is not always possible for every family or student. There are still ways to eat healthily with the options provided by the school’s cafeteria. Choosing water instead of high-sugar fruit juices and sodas is the first step in creating a healthier school lunch. If your school has a salad bar, make sure to load up on the fruits and vegetables. Lastly, try to choose foods that are baked or grilled, as opposed to fried.

Good Luck! Sarah Felson

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1 Comment

so true ! so much healthier and cheaper to make your own lunch/snack for school

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