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Healthy Eating and the Enviroment

Have you ever considered how your actions affect the environment? Recently, the state of the environment has become more and more of a daunting issue as global warming increases and recourses dwindle. Perhaps you've seen articles discussing how problematic these issues can be, and you wanted to make changes in your own life to decrease your negative impact on the planet. Turns out, small changes you can make today can work wonders in reducing your footprint on the world.

In this post, I will be discussing how your eating habits can help you live a greener lifestyle. One significant way of changing your eating habits to be more earth-friendly is to purchase organic fruits and vegetables. Although this may be more expensive, buying fruits and veggies that are in-season as well as visiting a farmers market are ways to reduce these costs. You can also grow your own fruits and vegetables! Buying organic foods has many benefits for the environment, including: (

- rebuilding soil health

- reducing pollution of pesticides in water (as well as reducing the use of oil-based pesticides and fertilizers)

- reducing emissions of greenhouse gases

- increasing biodiversity of plants and animals

Additionally, just simply eating more whole foods, especially fruits and vegetables, is extremely important for both you and the environment. Through eating more unprocessed foods, you are able to spare both your body and the planet from harmful chemicals and manufacturing emissions. Therefore, being careful of your own health will also reduce your negative impact on the environment!

Refer to this image to see what foods on the pyramid are better and worse for the environment!

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