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Staying Healthy During Quarantine: Day 1

I hope you have been doing well during such a difficult time. It definitely is difficult to stay healthy while you are cooped up at home all day for social distancing, so WAHM is going to begin uploading daily blog posts for the next 30 days with tips on how to manage this hectic period!

First off, thank you so much for staying at home: it is incredibly important for protecting the lives of many as well as reducing the impact this pandemic will have on the world. Secondly, it is completely alright if you have been eating unhealthily or not exercising during this time. Drastic changes in your life like this are bound to impact your health and daily habits. WAHM is here to get your quarantine lifestyle back on track.

My very first tip for staying healthy during this time is to make a daily schedule for yourself with meal plans and healthy recipes. Making plans for your day as well as your meals will help greatly in preventing excessive snacking and unhealthy eating habits. Although you should not feel guilty if you do find yourself eating unhealthily, making sure you keep yourself busy throughout the day and trying to cook healthier meals is a significant first step.

My second tip is to utilize online recourses such as Youtube videos to workout! There are so many great workout videos and routines all over the internet that are short, motivating, and fun! Doing short workouts throughout the day will definitely improve your mental and physical state and make quarantine a lot more bearable. Taking walks around your neighborhood is also a great way to get some much-needed exercise!

Thank you for reading our first of 30 Quarantine blog posts! We hope you use our tips to improve and maintain your health during this difficult time.

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