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Staying Healthy During Quarantine: Day 4

Hey all,

Welcome back to day 4! I hope all of you have tried and applied some of the workouts, and nutritional tips that we have written down in the previous blog posts.

Today, I will give you more effective workouts and nutritional tips to enhance your coronacation :).

For the workout today, we will focus on High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). This is similar to the Tabata workout that we did on day 2. However, we will choose more explosive exercises and increase the resting intervals. For example, you will do some sort of jumping exercise for 30 seconds and then you will rest for 30 seconds. Next, you will move onto another exercise and perform that for 30 seconds and rest. Once you have done all of the exercises, you completed 1 round and you will do 3 rounds total. Make sure to rest 1 minute in between each round.

I also added in a warmup and cool down routine to make sure that you all are properly prepared to perform the workout and also to recover from it.

Here is the routine (please scroll to the bottom of the page once you have completed the workout):


Click on this link. The warmup only takes 6 minutes! Please do this as it will help prevent any injuries when doing the actual workout.


3 rounds

30 second rest

- Do a full pushup and a jump if you can

- If not, focus on getting into pushup position as fast as you can and then out of it as fast as you can

30 second rest

- Do as many repetitions as you can. Adjust the difficulty of the exercise based on your personal strength levels

60 second rest

Cool down: Doing this will help flush out the lactic acid in your body, which will prevent any soreness that you may experience a couple of days after the workout.

Congratulations on completing your workout! I hope that you all are taking once step closer to achieving your health goals.

Now it is time for my nutrition tip!

Doing this thing has helped me tremendously in my workouts and also helping me to progress through my health goals.

Okay let me give you the tip: if you did not eat anything before the workout and you are feeling a bit sluggish going into the workout, eat a quick source of carbohydrate with low fiber. Yes, you heard me! Low fiber! A quick candy bar, granola bar, or a small piece of fruit will work.

But Matthew, don't you always tell us to eat the high-fiber, healthy foods? Yes, I do but when you are in the situation as described above, your body is in need of something that it can digest and be used quickly. Fiber slows down digestion and we do not want that in the middle of a workout! This is the time where you can cheat a little bit but not feel guilty because it is in fact helping your performance!

Anyways, those are my 2 cents for today.


Matthew Ye

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