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Staying Healthy During Quarantine: Day 7

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

Hey guys!

Welcome to day seven of our blog posts!

Today's post will be about different mood-improving activities you could do if you have been feeling anxious because of the current situation. First off, go check out day 3 of the blog if you haven't already in order to find some recourses on yoga and meditation which are extremely helpful activities when it comes to calming anxiety.

Another tip I have is to start journaling! Journaling is a great way to reduce stress as it allows you to let out your negative and anxious thoughts. It allows you to focus on the moment and reflect on the things in your environment and life that are impacting you. This can give you a greater feeling of mental clarity and calmness. Here is a link for more information:

Here is a link for inspiration on different things you can journal about to get started:

Another extremely beneficial activity is reading! Reading has been scientifically proven to alleviate the effects of anxiety and depression. Here is a source that explains this as well as more of the benefits of picking up a book:

Remember, reading should not feel like a chore! Find a book that interests you and that is easier to read so that you will actually enjoy the activity and have a higher chance of making it a habit.

Lastly, physical exercise is definitely one of the best ways to improve your mental health during this time. Check out our other blog posts for workouts you can do right now! Regular exercise has been proven to significantly improve mental health. Check out this resource for more info:

Good luck!

Sarah Felson

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