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Staying Healthy During Quarantine: Day 9

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

Hey guys! Today's post will be about how to work efficiently during quarantine if you are currently working or doing school from home. Although this may not apply to everyone, these extremely simple and easy tips will still be helpful for increasing general productivity.

My first tip: making a to-do list with achievable and "SMART" goals. To-do lists are helpful as they give you a place to put down everything you need to do throughout the day. This can help you in accomplishing all of your daily tasks as you most likely won't forget any of the goals on your list. It is important to set SMART goals to ensure that your goals are actually attainable by the time you go to bed. Here is a resource on what SMART goals are and how to use them to your advantage:

My second tip (shoutout to Matthew for introducing me to this one!): make your bed every morning. Not only will this prevent you from going back to bed, but starting your day with such an achievable accomplishment will set the tone for productivity throughout the day. Here is more information on how doing this simple activity every morning can benefit you long-term:

Additionally, simply tidying up your room can be extremely beneficial for productivity, and making your bed is the best way to start! Here is some information on how cleanliness can boost productivity:

My third and final tip: Simply using the tips in our blog posts can help your productivity! Your physical health greatly impacts your mental health and your ability to focus and concentrate. Making sure to read our other blog posts and using our tips about healthy eating and exercising can greatly impact many different aspects of your life, especially your productivity. Here is an interesting study explaining how your physical health affects the way you work:

Good luck with using these tips to increase productivity! If all else fails, here's my favorite article that always gives me a boost of motivation when I need it the most:

Sarah Felson

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