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The Street Vendor Chronicles (LA and Bay Area)

Last year in the month of November, the Los Angeles City Council legalized sidewalk vending. What was once considered a crime or even illegal, is now seen in a brighter light. Despite this, many issues come in hand with the legalization of street vending. Many street vendors in LA worry that the permit they have to obtain for street vending is expensive and they also complain about the new rules that prevent them from vending-free zones, including busy areas where they get the most business.

According to Senator Lara, many sidewalk vendors depend on their sidewalk business to feed their family and pay their expenses. If sidewalk vendors are put into jail for doing their business, then they cannot provide for their family and thus making them homeless. Therefore, sidewalk vending, to a certain extent, is crucial for the economy. Moreover, obtaining a sidewalk permit, for many vendors, is expensive and this expense may prevent them from making an income.

In my opinion, sidewalk vending is great when they take place in a specific location where many vendors gather together and present their products. It can be a great way to attract tourists because vendors present a variety of different food options to fullfill their taste buds. At the same time, sidewalk vending may interrupt the traffic flow of busy areas when placed at the wrong corners and spots. The future for the vending business looks bright and I hope that all vendors continue to serve their family and serve their community.




For further reading/watching, check out the videos below:

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