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What's New? August 2019 Edition

The team at WAHM has made strides to create informative and entertaining posts this month and we, the WAHM team, appriciate everyone who has been reading our articles and wishes them the best. Here is what we posted in the month of August:

August 1st:

What does Healthy Eating mean to Me? - Saidy Kim

Saidey posted a wonderful article about her experiences in eating well, despite her age. She almost discusses why she personally feeling eating well is important to her enthusiastically. This a spectacular post that is completely worth checking out.

The Most Underrated Snack - Kade Karim

I posted an article on a snack that is great to eat nearly anywhere and anytime. I discuss this snack's benefits and why it is so addictive. If you want to know why this snack is so great check the article out.

August 2nd:

What can Nutrition Facts do for You? - Kade Karim

Here is another article I wrote on how common vitamins and nutritients can help anyone and what they do specifically for your body.

August 7th:

The Street Vendor Chronicles(LA and Bay Area) - Matthew Ye

Matthew provided some input on the subject of legalizing street vending in Los Angeles and in the Bay Area. If you want to keep up on the controversy be sure to take a look.

August 9th:

Vegateble Salad Recipe - Kade Karim

This was the first recipe posted on our website and is quite delicious. Salads are stupendous and nutritious additions to nearly any meal and this salad is no exception.

August 16th:

Pea Green Pea Soup Recipe - Kade Karim

Here is another side dish to help brighten up meals: Pea Green Soup!

August 23rd:

Turkey Gyro Recipe - Kade Karim

Finally, my personal favorite recipe! As a meat lover I realize it can be hard to consume the right types of meat and turkey can be a great replacement for beef(it often tastes better too).

Thank you so much for reading and best wishes,

Kade Karim

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