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The Most Underrated Snack

Chips, Cookies, Pretzels... It is almost irrefutable that these snacks are nothing more than just junky foods. They contain minimal nutrients and are almost always chock-full of calories and fat. There is no doubt that many are addicted to crunchy food, especially for their snacks, it seems like a feet to not be scavenging for more after you have eaten an entire can of Pringles.


The Snack-Time Savior


Luckily, carrots can help to fill in this stomach sized hole in the hearts of many. Carrots are crunchy enough quench one's crunch addiction, while nutritious enough to satisfy. Carrots contain Vitamin A, which can help improve the immune system and vision, Potassium, and Fiber, which can lower cholesterol and help with that thing you do everyday(hopefully)...

Overall, carrots are great alternatives if you have ever felt sick after eating all that packaged food and you want to change your habits,

Kade Karim

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2 תגובות

This was a great read because I was currently in the market for healthier snacks. Carrots are definitely on that list now, thank you.


totally true. Is so sad for such a delicious snack to be underrated. it makes the food we cook even better when we integrate carrots.

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